Two Medicine Field Trip

June 30, 2018
DATES:  Saturday, September 8, 2018

LOCATION:  Two Medicine Dinosaur Museum, Bynum, MT

MATERIAL:  Fossils (not for personal collection—all fossils returned to the museum)

LEAD:  Norman Coverdell, 406-261-7324

COST:  regular cost is $140 per person. Educational groups get a discount. Our cost is $100. The club will cover half the cost ($50) of club members.

TOOLS:  provided. You can bring your own. Bring Lunch and water for noon.

DIRECTIONS:  If you want to carpool, meet at the parking lot at the junction of Hwy 206 and Hwy 2 (Columbia Falls near the little rock shop). We will take Hwy 2 to Browning. A couple of miles east of Browning is Hwy 89. Take that south 70 miles to Bynum.

ACCOMMODATIONS: driving there and back on Saturday.


HOURS OF DRIVE TIME: 2.5 hours one way

HIKING DISTANCE:  varies. The vans we will drive in should be able to drive us right to the site.


Additional information:

Please let Norm know if you are coming, or fill out the contact form on the site. We need to know how many are going to let the museum know by September 1. Tour is 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

What to Bring

- Long pants
- Wide-brimmed hat
- Hiking boots (good walking shoes)
- Bugspray
- Sunscreen
- Sunglasses
- Allergy or other medications if needed
- Car seats for children under age six (6) weighing less than sixty (60) pounds
- Camera
- Snacks
- LUNCH and water for noon
- Your enthusiasm!

What NOT to Bring

- Water (provided, although you are welcome to bring your own)
- Tools & equipment (these are provided)
- Pets
- Firearms

All fossils collected by the Two Medicine Dinosaur Center and our crew (that includes you!) are collected with the intent of scientific research and go straight into our Collections room. This means that we do not allow anyone to take fossils home from our dig sites, even if you are the one that found it.

For full information about their dig programs:

For a printable information sheet, click